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The ROBOT Pumps are known for their high quality, reliability and wide rage of applications. The main field of application of these pumps can be found in wastewater submersible pumps. All needed parts for keeping the pump in operation are specially manufactured by ROBOT pumps.

We have been delivering pumps and parts from the wide product range of ROBOT for years. Delivering these pumps and parts has always been done expertly to make sure the problem is being solved as soon as possible. For more information we invite you to contact one of our salesmen through the telephone number placed above or through sending an e-mail.

Robot Pumps overview of products


The RW pump is a wastewater pump with a vortex impeller.
This pump is mostly used in areas with polluted waterstreams or wastewater.

Capacity: to 300 m³/hr
Head: to 105 meters


The RT pump is a submersible pump with a turbotex screw channel impeller. A wear ring on the impeller and within the pump will make sure that wear is limited.

Applications for this pump can be found in areas with polluted waterstreams or wastewater.

Capacity: to 1.200 m³/hr
Head: to 54 meters


The RS pump is a submersible pump with a cutting head. Applications for these pumps are mostly found in industrial wastewater. It's needed here because the wastewater has capacities too low for a pump with a greater free entrance.

Capacity: to 15 m³/hr
Head: to 108 meters


The RD Pump from ROBOT Pumps is a submersible pump with a vortex impeller in a wear-resistant design. This makes it possible to constantly pump liquids and wearing particles.
Because of the hard metal vortex impeller, solid parts come into minimal contact with the pump housing.

Capacity: to 350 m³/hr
Head: to 34 meters
De robot pompen staan bekend om hun hoge kwaliteit,  betrouwbaarheid en brede range van toepassing. levert reeds  jaren pompen en reservedelen uit het pompenprogramma van Robot. Dit doen wij  vakkundig en scherp geprijsd. De volgende pompen en pomptypen leveren wij als  complete pomp en als onderdelen / reservedelen

RW pompen en reservedelen / onderdelen
RW2110BH, RW2110BE, RW2110BD, RW2110BB, RW2110DA, RW2112DD, RW2112DC, RW2120BH, RW2120BE,  RW2120BD,  RW2120BB,  RW2120DA,  RW2122DG, RW2122DD, RW2131DG,  RW2130DG, RW2130DD,  RW2130DC, RW2140DG,  RW2140DD,  RW2140DC
RW4020BZ,  RW4021BZ,  RW4020BR,  RW4021BR,  RW4021BJ, RW4020DJ, RW4033BZ,  RW4032BZ,  RW4032BR,  RW4030DO, RW4030DL,  RW4030DJ,  RW4041DZ,  RW4041DU,  RW4041DO, RW4040DL,  RW4040DJ, RW4040FE RW6111JL, RW6111LD, RW6132JL, RW6132JG, RW6130JL, RW6130JG, RW6130JE
RW6141LL,  RW6141LI,  RW6141LF,  RW6141LD

RW-R pompen en reservedelen / onderdelen
RW2110BE-R,  RW2110BD-R,  RW2110BB-R,  RW2112DD-R, RW2112DC-R,  RW2120BB-R,  RW2120BD-R,  RW2120BE-R, RW2122DC-R,  RW2122DD-R,  RW2140DC-R,  RW2140DD-R, RW4020DG-R,  RW4020DJ-R,  RW4021BJ-R,  RW4020BJ-R, RW4021BR-R,  RW4020BR-R,  RW4021BZ-R,  RW4020BZ-R, RW4030DG-R,  RW4030DJ-R,  RW4030DL-R,  RW4030DO-R, RW4040FE-R,  RW4040DG-R,  RW4040DJ-R,  RW4040DL-R, RW4042DO-R,  RW4042DU-R

RW-R pompen en reservedelen / onderdelen
RT2030DG, RT2031DD, RT4042DZ, RT4042DU, RT4040DO, RT4040DL, RT4040DJ, RT4042FH, RT4040FE, RT6040LF, RT6040LD, RT6040FR, RT6050LL, RT6050LI, RT6050FZ, RT6050FR, RT8040NO, RT8040PM, RT8040PG

RW-R pompen en reservedelen / onderdelen
RS2111BH, RS2111BE, RS2110BD, RS2110BB, RS2112DC, RS2111DA

RD pompen en reservedelen / onderdelen
RD2110BH, RD2110BE, RD2110DA, RD4041DZ, RD4030DO, RD4030DG, RD4021BR, RD4021BJ, RD6140LL, RD6140LI, RD6140LF
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